Why Authors Ask For Book Review And How You Can Write A Stellar Review

First and foremost, reviews can be tricked – so they are. Often you will find something which looks great and the reviews were all bought. So, you are in a soup now.

Reviews drive you to buy something and hence there exists a whole business of reviews. Leaving that aside, let’s focus on the beautiful side of reviews. The one where you want the connection, satisfaction and genuine reaction.

The Book Writing Process

Ever thought of writing a book. Go ahead and try to write 1000 words on any topic you like. After what feels like a 1000 word, you stop and realize all you have written is just 200 words. Just writing enough content is a challenge.

Above that, there is the connection which you have to form, narrative which you have to tell and make a compelling case on a topic by going in-depth.

The motivation for writing the book doesn’t last. You start with enthusiasm but end up with a chore. Writing every day seems challenging and you want to stop. Sometimes, other things pop up. And sometimes, there is nothing for you to last. And then there are tonnes of distractions which makes you go crazy.

Even if you are done writing the book, you have to decide on the name of the book and cover. Because no matter what great writing you have done, it’s no good if the cover and title don’t entice the readers.

You have to have a compelling cover because books are judged by its cover. The investment of your time and money into writing a book is huge.

And you don’t recover. Because most books don’t matter how good doesn’t sell more than a few copies.


Book Reviews Help

When you are an author, no matter what the reality is and what the ideal situation is, you need to do what it takes. So, you need to get those reviews. So, more people could buy the book.

As a reader, when you leave a review for the book you love, you are doing a favour. First, it will help in buying more books.

And second, it will give the author a sense of boost. Like hate comments hurt, a good review elevates the mood of the author. And a review is especially helpful, if she is a new author with few or no reviews.

Hence, when you read a book, you will be asked to leave a review. So, it helps them reach more readers.

Book Review Example

You found a book and you love it. At this point, consider writing a review. Not just rate the book, spare some words to explain how you feel. A good review is one where you tell how you feel and what you accomplished after reading the book.

Of course, the goal isn’t to write a 100 words review. Although you can do that, you should aim for clarity and show your emotions.

An example would be – ‘I read the book, it made me feel better and now I see things clearly, highly recommend.’

In the sea of fake reviews and gaming the system, there is still room for genuine reviews like yours. Because it might not help in anything else but it will be out there. And someone will read it. And your review will be acknowledged.

It will influence and that’s more than enough.

And if you are like me, who wants more than contact the author directly on their email. And leave the review there.

So, it is direct and they know you aren’t a robot sending reviews because sending one to her email doesn’t help anyway. And she can use your reviews in her next book preface.

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