What Happens When No One Buys Your Book?

Writing a book is a tough job. Even if you are a prolific writer, it would take a lot more than you thought to sit down and finish a book.

The fundamental problem being that you are writing on a common theme. As such, you have to have solid ideas around them to write at least 10,000 words. Ever tried writing 1000 words to finish a deadline, it gets tiring.

Days goes by and then months and after a year or so, you finish your book. But you can’t publish it.

Because it has to go through the editing process. And if you do it at least 3 times – first self, then a line editor and a story editor, you will be left with nothing because this is your first book. And most first draft is incomplete or all over place.

The editor will help you focus and get a readable version of your draft.

Now, you have to decide on the route of selling – will it be on your website or traditionally published or self-published.

After weighing the pros and cons, deliberating and going over everything, you decide on a distribution channel. And maybe, your book will be published.

You dream of getting rich – even if 10,000 people bought your book, you will get at least $10,000 and lots of fame. And then the money will keep rolling.

You dream and dream for days, and then you go and check your stats to see how much money you will be cashing. And then the reality hits you, there is no money coming for you. Because there has been zero sales.

No Market

The most common mistake any writer could make is write something for which there is no demand.

So, search for similar themed book or ideas. For example, Harry Potter books sell so you can write a fantasy novel and hope to make a dent. But if you are first to write something then chances are you will fail.

Remember, this isn’t comment on your work. But simply because no one knows what it is or wants it.

Competition is a good thing – it means there is a demand and so you might get a piece of pie. No competition can mean – a new juicy territory or a genre which no one wants.

And looking at the ratio of success and failures, it isn’t good to reinvent something or go for something out of the box. See, what works and do your work in the similar genre.

No Promotion

You need to have a promotion strategy. Else, you are relying on luck and that’s not a good thing for book sales.

The best way to promote a book is to write about book on your blog at least years before. So, you can create the hype. And in the meantime, you can garner some following – who could boost sales for books.

You can do ads or hire someone to place you in podcast interviews so the sales of books happen.

But often, you need to have some kind of success under your belt to get podcast interview. So, that you have something to share with audience.

It can be something simple like you have a good fashion sense and you have helped 25 people improve their style. And some of them became your client. You can use this often when your book is under similar theme.

Remember, the key is to go on podcast or guest post on other blogs which are little bigger than your following. And do bunch of them.

Wrong Profession

If you have written a book because you want to earn a living then you are doing it wrong. Chances are you can earn income by ghostwriting or doing lots of writing assignments. But a book which will sell enough to make you a living is rare.

If in any profession only the top 1 percent earns a living then you shouldn’t go into that for a living.

For example, an engineer who is good all of them earns money. A writer who is good – only the top players earn money.

So, don’t come into writing books for money, you will be disappointed. If it happens then good. If you earn anything, consider it a bonus.

But don’t hope that it will replace your primary income. If it comes take it else do it because you want to.

No Judgement On Your Writing

When something doesn’t go as planned, often you take things to your heart. And give reasons which are like you don’t deserve it.

The lack of sales isn’t a comment on your writing. It can be good, bad or great – these can’t be judged by the number of sales. And often the most popular book isn’t the most best written one anyway.

When you fail in selling your book, that’s what you failed at – SELLING YOUR BOOK. There is no comment on the quality of your writing or you.

Write Another Book

The three reasons for writing a book is

  • You want to be called as an author
  • You want to have something of your idea in a dense medium and give it to people
  • You love writing, connecting ideas and showing it to people

So, whenever the idea strikes again, go write another book. Because guess what, when your new book sales, people often check your last written book.

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