The Book You Read Is For Losers, Read This Instead

Of course, it is bad. Because it’s font is small, the stories are linear or it’s too easy to read. As humans, you like to judge others, it’s a favourite pastime.

No matter what someone does, you will call them out. For example, if someone grows their hair for long then you will ask why they do so. Also, if they go bald, you ask a similar question. You are content only when the hair length is similar to yours. Because it makes you feel safe, you have this longing to belong.

Moral superiority is something which you fall trap to. You want to feel superior to others. And you can do this by many ways – one way is to shun what others are doing. You do this by making them feel bad or telling them what they do is inferior.

For example, if you drive a car then you will tell, driving a bike is for losers. Or if you wear branded shoes, you will tell – non-branded shoes are bad.

You want others to feel bad, low and inferior. So, you can feel good, better and superior. It’s a bad quality to have. But often, society encourages this behaviour in the name of common norms. Or as a way to tell – this helps others aim higher.

You sure don’t like controlling or manipulating things when it happens to you. But you feel proud when you do the same with others. Reading books is a similar example. Book reading is a social status and those who read form a tribe. And then they try to dictate rules on how, who and where books should be read.

You Start Somewhere

When you started reading, you were probably a kid. You learnt the alphabets and started reading school books. And slowly, you realized you liked the words or the expansion of the knowledge.

So you jumped on the library and picked a book which attracted you, and then another. Slowly, you developed your taste. And now, you try to find others. You find satisfaction that you are an avid book reader. But you have developed an idea of how the book reading world should be.

You love classics and knowledge books, so you consider other books as inferior. It’s not your taste.

Every once in a while, you find someone on a train reading some romance novels. And you cringe hard. But then you go ahead and tell others in your peers – how bad of a book they were reading.

And if someone from your friends starts reading romance novels then you go mad – you let them know hard that it’s bad and the best way to read a book is by reading amazing books. And luckily, you have the collection to start one.

This is the problem. No book is good or bad, sure there might be genres which you don’t like or the content which you think is too easy. But that’s you. And you have a taste in book reading. Just like everyone else has a taste. You don’t have to become the bearer of what a book reading culture should look like.

Sure have the idea of what a book reading experience should look like, but keep it to yourself. Maybe share on the blog where others aren’t forced to hear you. And you aren’t shouting at someone’s face.

Progression In Books

If yourself feel that some books are inferior that others – then shun that feeling. Because, yes there will be better books out there but if you wait then the day won’t come at all.

You have to start somewhere – so start with anything which you want. Slowly, you will develop a book reading habit – your vocabulary will increase and you will grow as a person to understand the deeper books.

But this no way means simpler books are bad. It depends on your situation, what you want, what is your perspective and your goal of reading a book.

That’s why for someone a book is simple while for someone else it’s complex. For some, there is mundane inspiration for but for others it’s a guiding light.

Remember, you are reading books for yourself. Be true to the goal which you want to achieve with the book – be it entertainment, inspiration, connection or perspectives. And then double down on the books by rereading, taking notes and deep diving into the concepts introduced in the book.

The Most Popular Book

There is always one when you start reading the book. And it’s tempting to read it because it gives you cultural reference. Or it helps you fit into the group of people in your surroundings. Because that’s what the society is all about – fitting in and not letting your creativity or individuality shine.

But you like something else – something which isn’t popular. Something which intrigues you, makes you think and you are eager to read it.

However, there isn’t a tribe because right now it ain’t a popular book. So, you go into the cave and pretend to read the book. Or read the summary so you don’t seem off when talking with others. The expectation from society robs you of you. ANd all that is left is the flesh of a human who isn’t a human in any sense.

You do things because it is something which is expected and not because you want it to.

People will pass judgements like

  • Don’t read this book, it’s bad
  • Read this one, it’s what everyone is reading
  • You will understand this book better
  • This book is for elite people only
  • You don’t belong to book readers club
  • You should read only your culture

And many more things like this. Remember, all of this is a lie which others tell so they could feel better themselves – because they are jealous, insecure and vulnerable.

Go ahead and read what you like, dive in – it’s your time and preferences which counts the most. Because like everyone’s choices, yours matter too. And it’s okay what you read just like what everyone reads.

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