Read This Checklist Before You Write Another Word

A simple guide to writing better.

Writing can feel hard. When you sit down and try to write, the blank page can seem intimidating. The words might not come. And you will feel like a fraud.

Are you a writer if you write specific words or specific length of it. What if you can jot down only 100 words per session. The stories simply don’t go anywhere and then you sigh.

Maybe the inspiration isn’t enough or that the mood is off. Or it isn’t the day to write. All of these seem valid excuses until you realize that they are simply excuses.

Let’s get those out of the window. And focus on the writing your next masterpiece. But before that, you need to be ready to write. Here’s how…


You can’t come up with unique and strong perspectives until you have read many varied perspectives. For example, if you want to write a fitness blog, the best thing to do is subscribe to the top 10 fitness blogs. Also add in a few mixes like yoga, medicine and health in general.

Follow writers from different background, skills and ideas. Don’t try to argue about anything. Simply read and learn from them.

It will give you an idea about how to write, what cover and what generates the most response.

Also, you can avoid some mistakes which you can see the other authors making. When you grasp so much information, you can easily write about that topic next time you sit.

There are many ways to experiment with reading. But first, you need to read a lot. So do that.

Be Bold

When you write about anything, some people are going to get mad. That’s just probability.

You can’t please everyone. And if you try, you will end up being miserable. The best option is to take your thoughts and take a bold step. Write about anything which you have a strong inclination for. It doesn’t have to be 100 per cent right.

Most things aren’t. For example, an author who sold 1000 copies can write about what worked. But that they may not be replicable. And that’s okay. The idea is to share its possible and there is hope.

Remember, you aren’t perfect and you are growing each day. So write whatever you feel is important and strongly about today. Tomorrow is a new day, your opinions might change and that’s okay. Before your readers can enjoy and follow your lead, you need to step up and ask them to lead.


Reading is a cheat code. You can get someone’s one day or one year’s experience in a short span of time. And thus you should do that.

But also, you should experiment on yourself so that you get some first-hand experience. That way, you can add something which wasn’t available before and you can write about many emotions.

For example, if you are a fitness blogger — then run for 30 days. Document each day, draw inference and write an article about your routine, the effects, assumptions and results which you obtained. Such kind of writing is hard. Because you need to put in a lot of work.

And therefore the results are amazing. Even if your writing isn’t appreciated, you did something in your life, you changed it. And that’s a success in itself.

Also, if you are suggesting readers to take the leap of faith and follow certain ideas, you should be eager to try them out too.

Edit Later

Even great writers write a lot of fluff. The trick is to not focus on them. Write your heart out. And then you can look at it next day to edit the article. Better if you can hire someone else to take a look.

Typos, continuity and relevance — are all messed up. Writing is different than talking. When you talk, you can say mumbled words too and your friends might understand. Also, there is a lot of context in talking.

Writing is different, it is communicating with a stranger and the basic grammar allows you to read and understand. So, you need them. But not when you write. Your mind isn’t focused to keep writing while editing. Also, for most people, they are focused and productive only for few hours in a day.

So focus solely on writing. When you are done, you will have the whole day to edit.

Your Level Is Different

Your level of writing won’t become great in one day. So you shouldn’t compare it with the best in the world. Sure, read and understand but don’t stress about it.

The goal is to become better over a period of years. As long as you are improving and making better content, you are fine. Writing is the first half of the equation, using stories, impact and copywriting are essential things which you need to learn.

But for now, focus on writing — the foundation. Wherever you are, trust yourself and share the best story possible. Aren’t we all looking for a good story…