I Don’t Know What To Do

Writing is a process and it’s not just typing things on a paper. It takes a lot of you, makes you better and changes you.

Often when you are starting, you are confused. Wondering how to navigate the world and approach writing. You don’t know anything and it feels scary. It’s as if there is an invisible cage and you are trying to get out.

No matter what you try, you seem there is no progress. Why this is happening? I don’t know what to do? These are the top 2 questions which come to your mind.

Yes, you started writing because you wanted to write a book, change the world and be creative. But why it’s so hard.

Now, that you are doing what you love – shouldn’t it be an easy game. But it’s hard. It seems so and you are trying each day. And then there are excuses – the time isn’t enough, nothing worthy comes to mind, it’s not worth publishing.

No One Knows

If you wait for things to become perfect then you will be waiting for your entire life. No one becomes perfect and starts things.

There will always be uncertainty, doubt and fear because you are venturing in the new space. And it’s good to be scary. Because it means – it’s new, you are alive and human.

Always the learning happens on the job. You go in when you feel like it and slowly you learn things. My first blog was 20 words and some gibberish. I thought I had written a masterpiece. It didn’t matter because I kept at it.

And now, I write good enough content which is read by thousands of people every month. It didn’t happen overnight. It took me years to learn, become better and am still honing on my skills.

Also, if it doesn’t take time to grow and become better then everyone would be doing it. But it’s hard and there your passion and love come in.

Jump in because you want to do this even if you don’t know what to do.

Read, Experiment And Go Again

You don’t know and that’s okay – jump into the game regardless. But now what?

Here are the things which you can do to make sure your journey is amazing and you rock the game.

First, read a lot. Genres you like and genres which are far fetched. Fictions help a lot because it tickles your imagination and helps with tangent thinking.

Gulp down the classics in your genre and read authors blog or anything which inspires you. Initially, you copy then you develop your own unique self and then you rock your game.

To add to this, you should go and learn practical stuff. For example, if you are scared to do comedy, it helps to learn comedy by books and listening to interviews – it helps to do interviews, get on stage and attend clubs.

This will help you gain experience and get some first-hand experience. Now, you can learn, experiment, fail, succeed, document and innovate at the same time.

Become An Impostor

An impostor is a fraud or makes you believe she is a genius when in fact she isn’t. An impostor is a leader who leads when no one is sure and find ways to make a connection, shed light and help others along the way.

Both of them are correct, it’s just how you want to accept and imbibe into your personality.

You are never ready to be a leader. And if you want to grow fast, lead a team. Act as if and then learn, accept defeat and try new things out.

Things will not work all the time. And that’s the signal you are going in the right direction. The few success is all worth it after many failures.

No one is original, no one knows everything and everyone is figuring it out. Remember whomever you idolize is just a person figuring out, pretending or learning on the go. It helps to gain experience but every now and then – most of us don’t know what we are doing.