How to Write 1000 Words Blog Post Every Single Day?

Writing is a fantastic process – it frees your mind, helps you see with clarity, and sometimes make change happen.

You don’t need a reason to write; the act of writing is enough reason within itself. When you pen down your thoughts, you go through that idea with a coherent process, slice them, and serve with a lovely platter.

As such, many bloggers start jotting down their pain, happiness, and everything in between on paper.

It all went right but slowly along the way, readers craved for more. Hence, now there are sites like long reads which creates long-form articles often ranging from 2000 words to 10000 words. Now that’s a lot of words to write process and come to a singular conclusion.

SEO has a role to play – earlier, it was pretty easy to rank with little content. Now, since your site is new, you need tones of words in a single article for it to get a chance to rank in at least a few of them.

The game has begun – every writer aims to write at least 1000 words of a blog post so that they can get more eyeballs, scrolling, and time on page.

Your Audience

Let’s say you got the reader through a search engine because you wrote a long article. But they will find that your article doesn’t provide a coherent message.

And most of the words are fillers to make it look and feel long. In essence, Google bot likes your article, but your readers don’t. The result will be a disaster; they won’t stay on your site and try to avoid your articles in the future.

So mindlessly writing 1000 words article does no good instead, it does some harm. The solution is to not look at the word count – and write till you can make a point.

That’s it. Sometimes, you can deliver your point in 10 words and sometimes in 1000 words. This way, you might find it challenging to have tonnes of visitors, but those who do land will stick. The reason being you act as authentic, transparent, and serving your audience.

All of this sounds good, but your writing might be no good if you want an audience and it is taking forever for them to reach to your site. So, time is wasted in this process.

The Happy Medium

One way to work while serving both the bots and human is to develop storytelling, structure, and arc in your writing.

This way, you can come up with ideas on any topic and write about 1000 words in one flow. For example, if you want to write about ‘Global Warming,’ then below is the 5 part structure you can use:

  1. Introduction
  2. Problem
  3. Impact
  4. Solution
  5. Conclusion

And under each head, you can write on average of 200 words. So you will land in a scenario, where you take the readers on a journey and end on a good note.

For any niche you can think of can be broken in similar five parts – the introduction and conclusion will be the same. Rest can change according to the topic – once you have this header, you have to flesh it out.

But this will be possible only if you are thorough with the topic, so reading is a secret tool which comes handy.

One of the behind the scene of your writing method is reading a lot of every day – from your niche and also from other topics. The idea is to have many different approaches, writing methods, and stimulus so you can have a profound, better, and meaningful idea you want to share further.

How to Write

At this point, you are wondering but how to end up writing 1000 words every day. The trick is to use the idea generation machine – your brain.

Your brain is always thinking, and it can’t stop. Sometimes it might wander through space, time, and thinking about the Universe while you are standing in a queue. You can use that to your advantage.

Train your brain to relate things to learn a few things. For example, while you are standing in a queue, you can come up with a topic like, ‘Why patience is a key thing when pitching to editors?’

And as you do this, you will have a backlog of ideas for you to write. Combine this in the five structure method, and you will be able to write a 1000 word blog post every day. If everything fails, then use the James Altucher method to write about ten things. For example:

  • Ten ways to write better
  • Ten times I tried to quit cheese
  • Ten technology changing the world

This ensures you have at least 10 points regarding any topic, and as a human being, you can talk a few minutes on each point. Which means you can write about 100 words per point, and thus you will end up with a long blog post.

Try this and tell me what else you can use to write a 1000 words article every day — looking forward to your ideas.