How To Buy From Book Review Sites

What you are reading now is a book review site. And my hope is that you consider this blog the ‘best’ among other book review site.

Of course, there is more to us than just reviewing books. We go in-depth on the psychology of books, reading habits, reviews, writing books and everything you can imagine being book-related.

However, you as a reader often look for reviews on a book. The ratings in e-commerce sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You want to buy the best books because you don’t want to waste time.

A 5-star rating would mean the book is loved by all and a single star rating would mean the book isn’t good enough. Also, sometimes you read through the reviews and try to find why you should buy the book. Sometimes, you get convinced to buy the book and sometimes you get convinced otherwise.

Nonetheless, the reviews play an important role in your purchasing decision. And you are on the lookout for the best, genuine and real book review site.

I can share with you many such sites but there is a fundamental flaw in all of them. Rather there is a flaw in how you approach buying the book.

Let me show you why what you are doing isn’t the best approach. And what to do instead to buy books.

The Game Of Fraud

The publishers know that you give value to 5-star rating and reviews. So, many publishers game their statistics. There are many ways to do this. But one of the ways is to tell their existing fans to give 5-star reviews in exchange of bonus materials.

Now, since there is bonus materials given, many people jump to review the book favourably.

Another method is to simply buy reviews from people. Employ a bunch of people to give reviews or hire any third party black market site to do the trick.

When the reviewer is human and seems like one, it’s har do detect if it’s real reviews or bribed one or the paid ones.

Whatever can be gamed will eventually be gamed. The first instinct of many publishers is to maximise their revenue. And if there exists a way to milk it, they will go for it.

Sure, there are genuine reviews too. But how can you be even sure of anything at this point? Try to go on a search and buy some reviews, you would stumble on websites to help you do that. So, how hard would it be with people with loads of cash?

Everyone Has One Star Review

Go to the Amazon or any other book store online. And then find the book which you adore, consider it to be the best book ever.

And scroll down to see the reviews. You will find reviews in 5 stars as well as 1-star category. No matter, how much good or bad a book is, there will be reviews in all category. Now, how do you judge? Or will you ignore the one-star reviews? Then what kind of a review analysis are you doing?

I get it, it’s hard to judge a book by its cover. But if there wasn’t a cover then it would be just pdf online. Or some loose papers held together when in offline mode. A book is supposed to have a cover.

And you are supposed to judge it. If you want to gauge how good or bad a book is then rather than reading reviews or seeing rating, judge the book by its cover. And then you can go on with the next parameter, the most important one.

Preview Of The Book

If reviews float your boat then go ahead and buy books based on reviews. However, if you want to have a better way to judge a book then always judge by the cover.

For example, let’s say you want to buy some book regarding ‘Skydiving’ then search it in the Amazon or other equivalent ebook store. Judge the books by the cover and click a few which gets you excited. Now, instead of reading the reviews, read the previews of the book.

And buy the one which makes you exciting, wanting more and thrilled.

The amount of time you would read a bunch of reviews can be used effectively to read the previews of the book. Often, in the preview, you can read a few chapters or at least one chapter.

And if the author can’t get you excited in the first chapter to keep reading, move on to the next book.

Repeat a few times and then you will have made a better buying decision than you ever did.

If some websites don’t have preview then go with the extract and description of the book to see which makes you interested. Either way, remember a book cover, description and preview of the book is an author’s responsibility to make you thrilled. If you don’t like it, no pressure read another book’s preview.

Best Book Review Site

In here, I will write book reviews. But I am not writing because I am paid, bribed or have something to share in the success of the book. My reviews will be here on the blog. And if a review exists, it’s because I loved the book or I appreciate the author. Else, there won’t be a review.

So, you are free to read reviews on my blog because they represent my taste in books. And if that happens to be yours, kudos. By reading my reviews, I will not tell why you should buy the book.

Because I believe you should buy the book, hence the review exists.

More so, I wanted to share my feelings, journey and my perspective on the book. The name of the blog article might be ‘Book review’ but often it’s a deep dive into the change which it brought. And my love with the book contents.

Another way to read new amazing books is to find friends who have similar taste. And go by their recommendations.

And to make it easy for you, my taste is – books which challenge, assert, tell good stories, give perspective, a good how-to, changing culture, a story worth talking, a history which is fun, a future which is nicely weaved and a resourceful book.

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