Guest Posting

I have guest posted on several sites. And it’s fun.

The best application on doing a guest post is that – you get to know how good is your writing.

When you start writing, you don’t have an audience. As such, you are always in self-doubt. What if your writing sucks? The best way to find out that is to pitch a guest post.

Part of the affirmation comes when the other blogger agrees to let you guest post.

And then seeing how their audience interacts, you get a confirmation. You can’t run A/B test with non-existent audiences.

Good Reasons To Guest Post

1. You can get new audiences. You do a guest post on a bigger blog than yours. If you have written a good blog post, their audience will be eager to find out more. And thus, get you some new subscribers.

2. Getting published in a big blog or news website is a matter of credibility. You can use this to apply for other jobs or convince your own website visitors to trust you.

3. It’s a good outreach exercise. It helps you create a system to do work in a more professional manner.

4. This is a good method to grow your blog in initial years. Often you get introduced to the community this way and you are now part of a niche.

5. Getting published once opens the door for other websites to publish your work. It’s a good domino effect. Once you do it, it spirals and keeps happening again to benefit you.

6. It builds up a nice link portfolio because due to guest posting, your website links are published. And that’s a great way to set up initial link-building done.

7. It helps you grow because you see a different way of writing. And often the big bloggers have many editors to go through your work. The feedback helps you become a better writer.

8. Guest posting helps you build a relationship with others. And you can share tips and tricks with them over them. Allowing you and them to grow together.

9. It helps search engine see you are like the blog you guest post on. It’s easier then for search engines to categorize you and rank better.

10. Guest posting is the most approachable method of gaining new subscribers you have. Later, it’s difficult to scale, but intially it’s kinda mandatory.

How To Actually Do Guest Posting

The first advice is to guest on similar blogs. It doesn’t make sense to blog on a cryptocurrency blog when you are writing about software. The audiences don’t overlap 100 per cent.

So, blog on similar blogs to get the most chances of success. Over time, you can blog on other blogs.

This way you ensure, everyone who reads your guest post has an inclination to like what you have written.

Also, when you search for blogs to guest post on, you have to be careful. If you aim too high in the beginning, you might feel demotivated.

So, it’s better to search for a blog who is a little big bigger and approach them. So, if your guest post is published – which you will in a couple of shots, you can search again for a little bigger site.

And keep on continuing like that. If you approach the New York Times in the beginning, then you are either not going to get a response. Or get a rejection.

It’s possible to get published in a big site but it’s like winning a lottery.

Cons Of Guest Posting

You will only know the true impact if any only after you have published. Some sites will share nothing with you and others only the view count of your posts.

Some sites have big numbers. But their ‘Call to Action’ for guest posters isn’t prominent so you don’t get much benefit from it.

Again, this you will know after only.

Despite this, you will find much success while guest posting. So, keep at it. And keep crushing it one by one.