Everything You Need To Know About Writing Blog Post

If you are like most writers, you want someone to read your content and maybe comment on how great it is. But when you expose yourself to the world, few realities kick in.

No flock of people come to your writing. There are hardly any comments. If you get a notification for some comment, then likely it is a troll or someone who doesn’t like your writing.

Generally, haters are louder than people who like your work. It can be disheartening to continue further. But that’s the price you pay for getting your work in front of thousands of people. Along with the fans, you will get some haters. And usually, you don’t need to worry about them.

Chances are they aren’t the ones whom you are catering. For example, if you are writing a blog about cats, a dog lover might not enjoy your blog. And it’s alright. You need to pay attention to criticism only when it comes from people whom you are targeting.


Since Google has taken all the search revenue and control, you don’t have much choice. If there exists an SEO rule, you need to follow it because that’s what helps you rank on the first page of Google.

And only then, you can expect hundreds of visitors and dollars to roll in. Among many factors, one is the length of the article. Google has clearly stated that you need to have lengthy articles. Of course, there are other factors too — like domain age, backlinks and authority.

But let’s focus on the length for now. So what is the answer to the right length of the article? Is it enough to stop at 2000 words or you should write 10000 words for a single article?

Or maybe you can crank out short insights and then hope that quality wins over quantity in the long run.

Consequent Factor

On the surface, there are some fair arguments in favour of lengthy articles. The more words on your page, the more possibility that it can rank for different keywords.

If you lean on the storytelling type of writing, then it helps that you write lengthy articles. It gives you the room to make up anecdotes, go in tangents and then make a high impact.

Some people have a reading appetite, so if you write short quality posts, then they might not be interested. They would lean on quality for sure but with quantity. Consider the example of books — most books idea can be summarized in ten pages. But the journey the book takes you on is the meat you are looking for.

The trick is that no matter the length of your article — it shouldn’t hamper the other SEO factors. For example, if someone clicks on your link and clicks backspace fast, then that is bad signal.

So you need to work on your title in the first paragraph a lot. Short or lengthy, a reader will stick only when she is hooked on an angle.

If someone reads your article and has no call to action, then she will bounce back. It might signal that you don’t have a dense collection of articles. So your goal should be to make a reader stick to at least 2 pages on your website.

You get the idea, right..?

Sweet Spot

The rebel way is to write your heart out after you have done the research and reading. When you feel it’s enough, stop. Edit ruthlessly. Read and see if you feel satisfied or you crave for more. Can you add some links, references or more explanation?

And then stop. Work on other factors too. Use more white space, ask your readers to subscribe and make it easy for them.

Try to make the whole experience a better one and work to build a community of readers for your blog. Slowly it won’t matter — they will come for you.

But still, then, write enough that you are satisfied. Aren’t you all writing first for yourself, go crazy.

When the country gets in trouble, writers rise to bring in their magic. Partly to inspire others, partly to feel good about themselves and sometimes to show the future people how the ideas were shaped.

And they get beaten – not all of them but enough that others get fearful. But still, some continues to write. Because they believe in the ideas to bring out change and they know the power their thoughts can bring in their world.

Like any form of creative endeavour, writing brings in split between people. Everyone who reads them feels like they need to do something about the ideas.

But when you write, it ain’t for everyone. It is for a specific set of people who want to go on that path of trust, empathy and aspire to do something.

Therefore some people get inspired, some get moved and others get offended about the content that is written.

Why Do You Write

Is it because you want to bring in new readers and impact people or you want to grow your craft so that one day you can write a book.

Or maybe you write for yourself. Each day you see something, assert something and feel the urge to write it down. That’s me and maybe few of you. And if that’s the case then I will continue to write because the primary reason is for myself.

Sure readers will come along and find their magic and I am glad it happens. But I am in no way trying to lure in readers by dumbing down or saying something everyone wants to hear.

It is quite the opposite. I want to challenge, bring in more observations and grow my self. And if you want to connect then you are welcome.

Risky Things

When you write then you shouldn’t hold yourself. If you hold some thoughts or opinions then you will showcase a version of yourself which isn’t true and bring out no good in the long run. If you want to try to write anonymously – over time you will feel confident to put your name on it.

And that’s about it. If you are like everyone who has come before and you don’t want to try something new then why even bother.

Be unique in your own way. Sure you can be wrong and that’s the beauty of it. Writing something doesn’t mean you are putting it on rock and you won’t change your ideas or opinions.

You are far more open to new ideas and opinions as long as you find a rational.

So go ahead and write what you strongly feel and believe. It is a journey of learning and it is okay to be wrong. Remember to keep moving ahead.

As a write, you goal is to embrace bad writing. As you move ahead in the forest, you see the light getting dimmed and the fear of animals kicks in. You pace yourself to reach the camp which is nearby. The light is getting dimmer and the night creatures are starting to come out of their homes.

You don’t want to get trapped in the forest because the help won’t come until sunlight. And there is no safe place to sleep the entire night.

And if it rains, the situation will transition to a bad. With your body wet, you can’t sleep even if there was a slight chance beforehand. The insects from the sand below will come to the ground and some of them might be dangerous.

If a big enough animal comes by then fighting with it is gonna prove in vain. You can’t fight someone with big nails and teeth and survive.

Hearts start to get a pounding, with every step the little hallucinations kicks in. You start hearing the noise which ain’t there and the seeing some glimpse of faces in the bushes.

You run and then fell down – a loud cry is heard. This is your painful cry which is your last resort. You see your friends standing by – it seems you almost reached the camping area when you fell down. You let a sigh of relief and then go back in the tent to tell a story of courage and passion.

But when is it a night from the day – what is the dividing thing. How much of dark it has to be when it becomes night?

The Grey Area

When you see a black colour, it isn’t 100 per cent black. But you say it is black as long as it seems black. Same goes for white. But when do you say it is grey. The first guess is to assume there is a divider – like 50 per cent white and 50 per cent black will become grey.

But what will happen if you mix 49 per cent white and 51 per cent black – chances are you will still say it grey.

And what point will you say either black or white and stop saying it grey?

The answer is – it depends. On what you call grey as per your terms. And someone else will call it differently. For every person, there is a different range. For example, I will say grey as long as no less than 35 per cent is mixed on each side up to a maximum of 65 per cent.

For you, it might be 40 and 60. So although as per science and written rules, a grey is 50-50 of both white and black, it is different for every other individual including you and me.

Are You Bad

So what is bad behaviour – it depends.

Of course, the law states it clearly but you will let go of many things as per your range. For example, you might not complain if someone steals your sandwich out of your tiffin for one day. Or you might not call the police when someone hits you, rather you might pacify her and calm her down.

So whatever the attribute, for humans there is a range and the tolerance depends upon it. When you put your work for the world to see, someone will criticize it. So you have to access what their range is for good work.

For trolls, everything is bad but for a person with experience about culture, little nuances count. Everything becomes subjective given the huge range in population, diversity, experience, and situation.

This further adds to the perspective game – how it is different for all of us. Even if there are strict barriers written in.

Writer, designer, coder, content strategist, maker of things – pick who you are. Done? Now, share your experiences with us, we are eager and it will benefit you more. Here’s how –

You Are An Artist

No matter what you consider yourself, you are first an artist with a vision. One who makes changes drives the momentum forward and make things happen.

As such, whatever you do – be it designing, making a strategy or building community; you will make mistakes. And also some success in between. Which will involve a lot of learning? And others would love to ride your boat, see you in pain and emerge as victorious.

That’s how knowledge, experiences and perspectives are shared. Everyone is looking to learn. You are lucky that you get to do stuff and then learn from it – but at the same time, you don’t want others to do some common mistakes.

So you pen down your thoughts, learnings and make it easy for the generations ahead of you. That’s how civilization moves ahead, that’s how you move ahead.

Be The First

If you found something new in your field then chances are it will be useful to many people. You can decide to keep it to yourself and use it for many years until someone else discovers it and shares with the world.

If you decide to do this then your benefit will be limited till the time, someone else discovers what you found.

The best strategy is to share your expertise, knowledge with the world. People will remember you as the first person who shared it with the world. And thus you will gain influence, trust and impact. As a result, you can keep reaping benefits by sharing for a longer period. Sharing is indeed caring and beneficial for everyone.

Be The Leader

There is value in following the advice of reputed leader whom you trust, apply the learning from them and make life-changing decisions.

But at the same time, you can become a leader by sharing your expertise and helping others leading a path. One which is filled with generosity, empathy and love. Of course, you aren’t perfect or someone who knows it all.

But that’s not the point of being a leader. You take risks, fall and learn from your experience. Succeed in some ventures and then you keep trying for your belief.

And thus you share your wisdom, also simultaneously learning from the tribe which you are leading.

Documenting Helps

Keeping a diary is a beautiful mental exercise. It helps you relive the positive moments of the day, learn from anything which has gone bad. And then jot down your learnings.

But now it is the age of the internet. So instead of writing your diary solely for yourself, you can write one on the internet. And since it is available for everyone, some people will flock to it and become your tribe members.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you may write under a pen name. But chances are, seeing the immense benefit and connectivity which your stories will bring, you will share your identity.

And day after day, your writing will make you a better person, predictor and help you in making things happen.

Your Perspective Is New

Often the claim which is circulated on the internet is that – everything has been written. And there is no room for more. It is partially true. Sure, there are hundreds of articles on how to fix your tyre. But none will come remotely close to your experiences which you can share.

Your experience on the highway where you got frustrated, called your mom and then a stranger helped you – all of those are unique experiences. And how you present them are unique perspectives.

Sure it might feel that the story has been told before. But none like yours. And people are eager to read about your perspectives.

Because it is new, thrilling and full of emotions which we are yet to experience.

It Helps You Bring Clarity

Writing is a beautiful experience, it helps you bring in clarity in your thoughts. Your ideas will become more rigid, fluid and live once you write it down.

Also, you can create a list of all the things you are planning to do, hope to win and your fears. You are human and those are the things that make you vulnerable. Share those and see how you can tackle them or see how nothing you do will change them.

Either way, your writing from your experiences will enrich your life. So start now, share now.